I often recoil when I see the sin that overtakes so many lives.  Sometimes I can help and influence people, but many times I am just searching for answers.  As I see the unpleasant and sometimes frightening actions of some of the people that come to our office for help, I have a tough time viewing these people the way He does.  Recently a woman came into the office wanting food and gas.  She brought her young son who by the way was totally out of control.  I immediately noticed the marks that had been put on her body from years of drug use.  I immediately placed her in the cubicle of judgment that so easily fits those of her type.   I am not a good judge, but I find myself being placed in this position often.  And most of the time I fail.

I only wish I could see them through the eyes of Jesus.  He sees every single person as a possible miracle in progress who is in need of salvation.  He loves them so much and wants them close to His side.  Lord, how do YOU see them this way?  Don’t YOU see the meth marks, don’t YOU see the word “LOSER” written on their forehead?  What am I missing?

Oh if only I wasn’t so judgmental, and if only I could show the mercy that God has shown me.  I can only tell you that I am still a work in progress, and after all these years, I still don’t have it all together.  I want to love like Jesus loves.  Lord give me a new vision.  I hope this is your prayer as well as mine.