Welcome to Marion Christian Church! We are so happy for you to join us! We invite you to join our for our weekend services. If you are first-time visitor or are looking to come visit us soon, here are some things that you would like to know. 
Marion Christian Church is a place of the whole family, with activities to match! We offer programs and activities for Children and Youth in the church. Along with serving our Next Generation, we also have ministries for adults to get involved as well. Please feel free to head over to those pages to learn more about details about those programs that we have in place. 
What do I wear?
Simply put, whatever makes you comfortable! We are not so focused on what you wear as we are about you coming and joining our community to worship God and be inspired by God’s Word and Spirit to live out a faith in Jesus Christ on a daily basis.
What does worship look like? We are so glad you asked!
We are a blended service of modern themes and traditional values. We sing both modern worship songs and traditional hymns. We also take part in communion every week, led by a communion meditation from one of our elders, which we open to all visitors who have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. During our weekly service we practice corporate prayer led by our Sr. Pastor. 

Where do I go when I arrive? 
When you arrive on Sunday morning, please ask any one of our volunteers in the foyer for directions. They would be happy to assist you! 
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